There are people with a special sensitivity towards the environment, and for them, we have this very personal initiative.

We will plant a native tree in the name of the person you choose, creating a green legacy for all. Additionally, we generate a diploma that certifies the location of the tree planting. It’s a unique gift that will last over time and help the planet!

Adopt a Tree

Adopt a tree and leave your green mark on the world!

We invite you to be part of our reforestation movement. By adopting a native tree, you contribute to fighting deforestation and preserving our biodiversity. We will plant the tree in your name, and together we will build a greener future. You will also receive a digital diploma with the location of where your tree will be planted.

How Does It Work?

Bosquia is a collective reforestation service where your contribution helps us reforest the planet. Moreover, with the adoption of your tree, you will receive a personalized certificate with the geolocation of your trees.

Here are the steps to adopt a tree:

Choose the number of trees

The trees you select will bring life and oxygen to our planet.

Enter your details

Complete the form with the necessary information to receive our digital certificate.

Receive our certificate

You will receive your digital certificate with the location of your the plantation.

We plant your trees

We take care of the planting and maintenance of your tree.

After you have purchased your tree, we will send you a digital certificate within a maximum of 7 business days to the email address you provide. This certificate will confirm that a tree has been or will be planted in the name of the person you choose..

As we all know, each tree species is different and requires specific planting conditions. Generally, the most suitable period ranges from mid-autumn to late winter. We want the best for your tree, so depending on the purchase date, it could be few months until we plant it for you.

The right timing, expert planting, and optimal care will greatly increase the chances of your tree becoming a towering giant of the forest.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep you informed about our planting activities on our social media channels @bosquia #bosquia.

If your tree does not take root* in its first three years of life, Bosquia will replace it for you (*natural disasters and forest fires are excluded).

Bosquia’s hope is for the trees to live as many years as possible, so we always ensure a minimum period of care until they reach maturity. This period can span many decades.

Your little tree will always be a native species of the area, included within the autonomous planting frameworks.

We generally work under agreements with Municipalities and Public Administrations, having accessible lands for conducting the plantings.

Your diploma will indicate where your tree is located.

Yes, once we have planted it, you can visit it whenever you like.

The tree will be planted on public land in your name or the name of the person you choose, however, the customer will not have the right to cut down, prune, injure, or mistreat the trees. Likewise, the municipality will also not be allowed to mistreat or cut down the trees during the agreed period.

We recognize the profound interdependence between humans and nature, highlighting that to nurture and safeguard our environment is to protect ourselves. Our optimism fuels our actions; we are committed to forging a sustainable future, convinced of our shared capacity to achieve it. Driven by a passion for both natural conservation and human advancement, we understand these elements must progress in unison.

Forests act as the planet’s primary climate regulators and balancers. They foster rainfall, generate oxygen, purify the atmosphere, and are vital for sustaining life.

In response, we’ve launched Bosquia, a platform dedicated to enlightening both businesses and individuals on the critical role forests play, while motivating them to expand the planet’s green cover.