At Bosquia, we have a clear objective: to care for and protect our forests.
Passionate about nature and committed to a sustainable future, we contribute by planting and reforesting to increase the green cover of our planet.

we are committed to forging a sustainable future, convinced of our shared capacity to achieve it.

What We Do

We help the fight against desertification by reforesting and preventing land and forest degradation through:

  • Environmental education

  • Restoration of forest ecosystems

  • CO2 offsetting
  • MITECO and FSC certification

  • Carbon footprint calculation

  • Ecopackaging- Gifs eco

  • Offseting Carbon events through reforestation

Calculating CO2 -transportations- using and app

If employees identify with the company’s philosophy, their sense of belonging will be greatly strengthened.

Increasingly, new profiles are opting for socially responsible companies.

  • Planting with an environmental talk
  • Day of maintenance and forest reinforcement
  • Littering activity (litter collection in nature)
  • Corporate activity + eco pack


All actions with Bosquia come with a diploma that reflects: the planting, the estimated compensated tons of CO2 (calculated by a forestry engineering), and the location of the Forest.

The certificates are sent in PDF format, perfect for conveying a message from the company to partners, workers, or clients. Bosquia also offers the option to certify and register its forests through certifications from:


To recognize compensation within the framework of the Registry, it is necessary for the tons of CO2 purchased to come from projects registered therein.


Forest Stewardship Council is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to create and promote an independent and effective certification system in all types of forests for their responsible management.

Corporate Details

It’s a very special gift for clients, employees, or suppliers. The goal is to involve the participant in the care of the tree until the moment of planting in the company’s Forest. In this way, they will have the opportunity to grow into large trees that will serve as a witness to the action undertaken.

How We Work

We organize tree plantings under strict environmental and scientific criteria. This way, you can offset your carbon footprint with native trees while restoring degraded land.


Planting of native trees on degraded lands. We plant professionally including fertilizer, supports, and protective mesh.

Plug Plants

The trees planted will be plug plants and not seeds, thus ensuring greater effectiveness in their proper growth.


If some trees do not take root in its early stages of life, Bosquia will replace a % trying to fulfill the goal of creating a forest.


We will always strive to prioritize the planting of native trees. Bosquia will oversee the plantation.

Did you know that trees have superpowers?

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You can also support our mission and contribute to spreading green across our land.

They help us create forests